Best Helmets For Royal Enfield | Buyer Guide 2021

Best Hemet for Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is the oldest brand which was firstly introduced by a British company The Enfield Cycles Company Limited. Royal Enfield is also known as the Royal Enfield Bullet. Welcome to this best helmets for Royal Enfield bullet buyer guide.

All kinds of two-wheeler vehicles are very risky and dangerous. We must ensure all safety measures before riding two-wheelers. There is a number of safety gears that must be wear before we going ride on Royal Enfield. One of these important safety gear is a helmet. The helmet protects the most sensitive part of our body which is the head. In case of an accident, crack of any leg bone or arm bone you may survive by getting treatment on time but in case of severe head injury, there are fewer chances of survival.

The helmet is not an ordinary thing that can be bought without knowing the quality of material quality and features of the product. We have picked up 6 best helmets for Royal Enfield bullets and motorbikes.

This buyers guide based on different factors that we have found during our physical experience of product and research.

Most important factors of the best helmet:

  • Size
  • Retention
  • Outer shell material quality
  • Visor
  • Proper interior cushioning
  • ISO Mark

Top 6 Best Helmets for Royal Enfield:

  1. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex
  3. SteelBird SBA-2 Air
  4. Bell Qualifier Helmet
  5. Royal Enfield Matte Desert
  6. Bell Revolver EVO Helmet

1. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex (Overall Best Helmet for Royal Enfield):

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex helmet

issuScorpionExo Covert Unisex is a perfect design and material with respect to quality and a comfortable helmet for Royal Enfield Motorcycles. We have picked up ScorpionExo Covert Unisex helmet on number one in our best helmets for Royal Enfield list. This helmet has dual convertible nature both full face and open face.

The outer shell of this helmet is designed with LG PC (Polycarbonate Plastic). Firstly, Polycarbonate plastic is stronger and lighter in weight than other plastic. the shell of the helmet gives transparency, resistance to weather effects, and heat. This helmet has a retractable tinted sun Visor with an additional clear visor for night-time riding. Which protects and creates ease for eye strain during light varying conditions.

The interior cushioning with anti-microbial fabric keeps the rider fresh, cool in warm weather, and warm in cool weather. Which is removable and washable. It also has a comfortable double D-Ring strap that adjustable according to your face size.

2. Bobber Helmet Matt Battle Green (best helmet for Royal Enfield bullet):

Bobber Helmet Matt Battle Green

Bobber Helmet Matt Battle green is an open face helmet with a bubble shape UV treated visor by Royal Enfield. Visor made up with high strength optical grade Polycarbonate and outer hard coating makes it scratch proof. This helmet is certified by ISI and DOT both. First of all, getting into its safety, Its outer shell made with fiberglass material which provides ultimate protection.

The interior of this helmet contains an EPS liner that is a combination of mesh, polyester, and knit. There is a micrometric lock on the chin strap. This helmet is recommended for Royal Enfield bikers.

3. SteelBird SBA-2 Air Helmet (Best Helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 350):

SteelBird SBA-2 Air Helmet

Steelbird has amazing helmets as always. This is the most suitable helmet for Royal Enfield. Golden visor gives a dashing look of rider. The outer shell made with high impact ABS material (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is a common thermoplastic polymer. Interior cushioning with EPS multilayer.

Firstly, this helmet has a bigger golden + mercury visor coated with an anti-scratch polycarbonate layer. The bigger visor gives an alien look. Visor has a quick release stud mechanism. The company provides you additional clear visor for easiness for a ride during the night. This helmet has air vents on the top that has a chin guard to close or open ventilation. On the rare side, it has open vents.

The inner padding with Italian design multipored hygienic. You can remove complete padding and wash it. Very easy to remove chin strap with micrometric European standard buckle.

4. Bell Qualifier Helmet (Best helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 500)

Bell Qualifier Helmet

Bell Qualifier full-face street helmet is another amazing pick for Royal Enfield bullets. This helmet has two visor options while buying you can order either a clear visor or a tinted visor depending upon your requirement. The visor is ultraviolet protection, anti-scratch, and anti-fog coating. The outer shell is made with lightweight and strong polycarbonate ABS plastic. A padded wind collar gives an ultimate reduction in traffic noise and other sounds. There are air vents on the front and top-rear.

Interior cushioning has antibacterial liner. Bell qualifier helmet is dot certified in quality and standards.

5. Royal Enfield Matte Desert Helmet (best helmet for Royal Enfield Himalayan):

best helmet for Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Matte Desert helmet is an open face classy look helmet. This helmet is perfect for those Royal Enfield riders who want to look like classic riders. It has a demi-jet styled open face visor coated with anti-scratch and ultraviolet protection material. Easy mechanism to remove the visor. The outer shell of the helmet is made with high-impact grade ABS material.

The inner liner designed with knitting, mesh, and polyester material which increase its comfortability. Due to the open face, there are no air vents. The chin strap has micro metric lock.

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6. Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (best helmet for Royal Enfield desert storm):

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet

The Bell Revolver Evo full-face modular helmet comes on number 5th in our pick for Royal Enfield. Bell modular helmets always lead the helmet industry. This helmet has coated with an anti-scratch, anti-fog, and ultraviolet protection shield visor like other helmets. Visor has a very easy mechanism to remove it. Like the above-mentioned helmets, it also has lightweight made with polycarbonate ABS plastic. The Interior liner is also easy to remove and washable. Interior cushioning with cheeks pads increase its comfortability.

Buyers Guide:

All helmets listed above are picked by our professional bike rider team. There are major two types of helmets open face and full face. We have tested these products from different parameters. You can choose one of these helmets according to your requirements.


Which is the best helmet for Royal Enfield?

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex is the universal best helmet for royal Enfield. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex is suitable with every model of Royal Enfield bike.

Which is the best helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 350?

SteelBird SBA-2 Air Helmet is best pick for Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Which is the best helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 500?

Bell Qualifier Helmet is the best helmet for Royal Enfield classic 500 bike.