Best Helmet for Himalayan Buyer Guide 2021

Royal Enfield Himalayan is a tourer bike and specially designed for off-road and mountainous paths. The riders must wear safety accessories like helmets etc. First of all, the question that comes to mind which is the best helmet for Royal Enfield Himalayan.

There are major two types of helmets in terms of design that are full face and half face helmets. Full face helmet provides you extraordinary safety by covering the surrounding of your neck, chin, and head. It also protects you from the weather and the environment. The major difference between a full face and an open face helmet is a chin guard. According to a study, during accidents chin is the most affected part of riders. Our professional team recommends a full-face helmet for the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike.

There are a number of substandard helmets are available in market. Choosing best helmet is very challenging and time consuming process. We have put together best helmets for your needs after testing them one by one.

Key Features of Best Helmet:

  • Outer shell material quality
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Visor
  • DOT/ISI approved
  • Air ventilation
  • Interior padding

List of Best Helmet for Himalayan:

  1. Shoei X-14
  2. Bell Qualifier
  3. AGV Pista GP
  4. Arai Signet-X
  5. Shoei RF-SR

1. Shoei Solid X Fourteen Helmet (Overall Best)

Shoei X-Fourteen Helmet

The X-Fourteen helmet is used and liked by many professional riders i.e. world champion Marc Marquez. Shoei has launched the latest model X-14 successor of X-12. The company has included incredible features in X-14 that never before seen in the helmet industry.

Coming to the point, X-14 has air vents positioned on the upper front side of the visor. Its inner liner made with extra fast sweat and moisture absorber nylon. On a long drive, you will not feel a sweaty helmet. Both well-positioned air vents and dual-layer of EPS liner both provide a cool and dry experience to the bike rider.

Moreover, Shoei X Fourteen is DOT certified helmet.


  • Manufacturer: SHOEI
  • Model: Solid X-14
  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Wireless Connectivity: N/A

2. Bell Qualifier (Second Best Helmet for RE Himalayan)

Qualifier is the second-best helmet on our list. Bell Qualifier is a budget friendly pick with a number of premium features. Bell doesn’t compromise on rider safety. It has DOT approved aerodynamic lightweight poly-carbonate outer shell. Bell Qualifier available in different color and size variants. The visor has an anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield.

Inside is an antibacterial liner, contoured padding, speaker pockets, ventilation. The liner is removable and washable when the rider needs. The liner is made of a material with fast-drying and absorbing sweat. It has cheeks pads and speaker pockets inside it. The cheek pads can be removable to wash.

This helmet is DOT and comes with 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Manufacturer: BELL
  • Model: Qualifier
  • Weight: 4.8 Pounds
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Wireless Connectivity: Speaker Pockets

3. AGV Pista GP Helmet (Third best)

AGV Pista GP-R Helmet

The third number on our list is the AGV Pista GP full-face helmet. AGV Pista GP is the lightweight and fully carbon fiber safest helmet available in the market. This helmet has multiple wings to reduce aerodynamic forces during the high-speed ride.

The outer shell of the helmet is designed with dot approved carbon fiber plastic. Which gives you an ultimate protect in case of any accident.

This helmet has outstanding ventilation. The first one is the chin vent slider which gives you the option to close or opens it. On the top side, it has three vents with the option to close or open it. On the rare side, there is two air exhaust. Ventilation design boosts air ventilation.

The interior is also well designed. One of the best features of the GP-R helmet has is the hydration system. Now, you do not need to stop when you feel thirst during a race or routine ride. You can hook-up this helmet with a water bottle that you carrying along with you then you can quench your thirst without any brake. Interior has cheeks pads with a cooling system and adjustable headliner made with anti-bacterial treated microfiber.

The visor of the GP-R helmet is extra wide and anti-fog glass.


  • Manufacturer: AGV
  • Model: GP-R
  • Weight: 16Pounds
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Wireless Connectivity: N/A

4. Arai Signet-X Helmet

Arai Signet-X helmet

The company says they paid much heed to best fitting helmet sizes for all kinds of head shapes and sizes. Arai Signet-X helmet is available in multiple size variants. The comfort-ability of a helmet depends on fitness on the head.

Arai Signet-X has weight one pound which is lightest weight helmet from all abovementioned helmets. There is a VAS latch to hold visor shield firmly. The mechanism of visor is very easy to remove.


  • Manufacturer: ARAI
  • Model: Signet-X
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Wireless Connectivity: N/A

5. Shoei RF-SR Helmet

Shoei RF-SR Helmet

RF-SR helmet by Shoei is a full face top quality helmet. Shoei has improved and redesigned a lot of things in RF-SR than is predecessor helmet. It is available in four different shell sizes in order to fit every size of head.

Shoei’s AIM+ technology gives extra-ordinary safety to it shell. Talking about its ventilation, this helmet has single chin vent, two vents on forehead and a number of exhaust on the rare with slider option to open or close it. Overall, its ventilation is outstanding for all types of weather.

Shoei RF-SR helmet is DOT and UK SHARP approved.


  • Manufacturer: SHOEI
  • Model: RF-SR
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Safety Rating: DOT and UK SHARP approved
  • Wireless Connectivity: N/A

While buying a helmet, we need to keep different factors under consideration like size, retention, built material, DOT or ISI certification, visor, ventilation, etc. All helmets abovementioned are the best gears for the Royal Enfield Himalayan bullet. You can choose one from them according to your needs and the right helmet in terms of specifications.