Best CS GO Mouse | Ultimate Buyer Guide 2021

best cs go mouse buyer guide

Welcome to our ultimate buyer’s guide about the best mouse for CS GO game. Firstly, You might have confusion in your mind why you need the best gaming mouse? To clarify it, the answer is that if you have bought a Pro Gaming PC worth $1000 and using an ordinary PC mouse to play CS GO game. It doesn’t sound good. In short, you should have pro gaming gears to enjoy every shot of CS GO game.

There is a number of mice are available in the market such as Logitech, Asus, Corsair, Razer, BenQ, Zowie, and many more. We have sorted out this list of five best CS GO mouse based on different characteristics and parameters recommended by several pro players of counter strike global offensive game likewise:

  • Number of buttons
  • Comfortableness
  • Response time
  • Sensitivity
  • Button position or Easy to click buttons

We have made this list for you so easily you can pick up the best mouse for your game. Because in a saturated market every company is releasing there own gears. A person who has not lot of knowledge of these products can never differentiate which product is best for him. Above all, we have eliminated this confusion for him. On the basis of our guide, you can buy any mouse listed below for CS GO Game.

Best Mouse for CS GO 2020:

  1. BenQ Zowie EC1
  2. BenQ Zowie EC2
  3. Razer DeathAdder Elite
  4. Logitech G Pro
  5. SteelSeries Sensei 310
  6. BenQ Zowie S2
  7. BenQ ZOWIE FK1
  8. SteelSeries Rival 700
  9. BenQ Zowie FK2
  10. SteelSeries Rival 600

With out any further delay so let’s take a look on best mice for cs go.

1. BenQ Zowie EC1-B:

Buttons5 Buttons
DPI400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Length128 mm
Width69 mm
Height43 mm
Weight97g without cable

BenQ Zowie always made highly recommended gears for CS GO professional players. After a lot of success and appreciation of BenQ Zowie EC-A series, BenQ has introduced its successor series EC-B. EC-B series has two variants BenQ EC1-B and EC2-B with a small difference in size and weight. EC1-B is the big brother of EC2-B. EC1-B is suitable for larger hand while EC2-B suitable for small or medium hands. This series is ergonomic right-handed designed.

In the EC-B series BenQ Zowie has upgraded his sensor to 3360 which was 3310 in the previous series. This up-gradation has doubled up the tracking power. Most of the gaming mice have RGB light on the scroll wheel but EC-B series doesn’t have RGB light on it. Which makes it simple and awesome. In this series, the scroll wheel is firmer than previous with 16 steps on it.

2. BenQ Zowie EC2-B:

Buttons5 Buttons
DPI400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Length120 mm
Width64 mm
Height40 mm
Weight90 g without cable

BenQ Zowie EC2-B is medium size version of BenQ Zowie EC1-B. It has same specifications and properties except size and weight.

3. Razer DeathAdder Elite:

Buttons7 Buttons
Length73.66 mm
Width64 mm
Height40 mm
Weight90 g without cable

Razer DeathAdder Elite is 5th generation optical mouse that comes with 16,000 DPI world’s most advanced sensor. Which provides 450 inches per second (IPS) true tracking and pinpoint precision. There are 7 programmable buttons that allow remapping and assigning complex macro functions.

A rubberized scroll wheel with a number of small tactile bumps gives a strong grip and controlled scrolling in any situation. DeathAdder has customize-able Chroma RGB lights with a 16.8 million color profile.

4. Logitech G Pro:

Buttons8 buttons
Length40.0 mm
Width63.5 mm
Height125.0 mm
Weight80 g

Logitech G Pro is result of collaboration of Logitech and many professional esports players. one of the best quality it has ultra light weight.

5. SteelSeries Sensei 310:

CPI100-12000 CPI
Length125.1 mm
Width60.8 mm (front)
61.8 mm (middle)
70.4 mm (back)
Height39 mm
Weight92.1 g

SteelSeries Rival 310 and SteelSeries Sansei 310 both have the pretty same design with the difference that Sansei 310 is ambidextrous. SteelSeries Sansei 310 is specially designed for both styles of grip claw and palm. It has silicon side grips. Sansei 310 comes with exclusive trigger split buttons on right and left side.

If we talk about sensor technology, the previous version of SteelSeries came with an ordinary laser optical sensor while Sensei 310 and Rival 310 comes with advance TrueMove3 optical sensor.

6. BenQ Zowie S2:

DPI400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Length122 mm
Width60 mm (front)
59 mm (middle)
64 mm (back)
Height38 mm
Weight82 g without cable

BenQ Zowie S2 is symmetrical designed for e-sports professional player. It comes with 3360 DPI sensor which provides you a smooth and real time tracking experience.